Games Haven's 1K Series

What is the 1K Series and the benefits it has?

The 1K Series is a monthly tournament that Games Haven runs, that rewards our players that play our events.

Read on for the benefits!

How do I participate in the event?

There are 2 ways to participate. You can simply walk in and pay the entrance fee, or you can play our daily events and get stamps. Having 4 stamps will entitle you to a discounted entry fee. Having 6 stamps will entitle you to a free entry!!! The stamps for the month are meant to qualify you for the next month's 1K Series. The purpose of this is to enable us to have more freedom in scheduling the 1K Series event each month.


Example. Stamps gotten in July (1st - 31st July) are meant for the August 1K Series (regardless of the date of the August 1K Series event) and stamps gotten in August are for September.

As of 1st January 2020 (and thus starting from the December 2019 stamp card), new milestone discounts have been added to the stamp card so even busy players can enjoy discounted entry to the 1K Series events!

2 stamps now entitles you to $15 off the entry fee (base $40)!

4 stamps now entitles you to $30 off the entry fee (base $40)!

1k card back.png

How do I get stamps?

Getting stamps is simple! Come and play any of our events and you will get a stamp!

Also, as of May 2019, every $100 spent in either of our shops will also get you a stamp!

Which events do I need to play in order to get stamps?

You can get stamps by playing any of our daily events or draft! If you draft and play an event on the same day, you get 2 stamps! Gotta stamp them all! As for our special events e.g. PPTQ, prerelease, etc., while almost all of them entitle you to stamps, not all of them do. In these cases, do refer to our individual event posters for those events.

Benefits of having a fully stamped card (with effect from Aug 1st 2018)

There are now additional benefits to having a fully stamped card other than the free entry to the 1K tournament!

Benefits include:

- 10% off singles and *non-discounted products

- Transfer of **auction cards between Paya Lebar and Jurong. (Able to be initiated only by the seller)

Simply flash your fully stamped card to get these benefits!!!

How long does the benefit last for a fully stamped card?

Benefits for flashing the card takes effect immediately once you got your last stamp. These benefits will then last till the end of the qualified 1K Series month.

Example. You get your sixth stamp on the July Card on 12th July. Since the July card is meant for the August 1K Series, you are able to get the benefits from 12th July till the end of August!

It's that simple!

Terms and conditions

- Please do take note that in order to have these benefits, your 1K Series stamp cards has to have your name and the month issued on the card written clearly. Do confirm with our staff when receiving your card that they have written your name and the issued month clearly.

- Cards are non transferable between parties, both for entry to the 1K Series and for the benefits above.

- *Discounted products includes booster box prices, Games Haven Deals items, and pre-ordered items of any kind.

- **Do take note that this is only applicable for transactions completed on the Facebook page "Singapore MTG Auctions". Staff may ask you for your sales post for verification, so once you mark your post as SOLD, do keep your post around and do not delete it until after the dropoff.

We reserve the right to refuse these services to anyone violating the terms and conditions as stated.