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Games Haven is proud to once again bring you the Mythic Championship Qualifier in Singapore!! Do check out our brief FAQ below if you have any questions!

What IS the MCQ?

The Mythic Championship Qualifier is a competitive premier event in which one player can qualify for the linked Mythic Championship (the rebranded Pro Tour). If you'd like to know more about the Mythic Championship, you can find out more info at

When does preregistration for MCQ Open?

Pre-registration begins on 1st July (Monday). For the sake of streamlining registration as well as giving fair opportunity for all prospective players to think about whether they want to join or not, applications before the date will not be accepted.

How can I preregister?

For local players, you may preregister at either of our branches. You may send us a message via our Facebook page to tentatively preregister, but preregistration in this manner will not be considered confirmed until we receive your full payment in-store. As such, unconfirmed slots (i.e. payment not received) are subject to be released to any player who is able to confirm their slot, in the event that slots are full.

For overseas players, payment by Paypal is possible. Do kindly drop us a message on the Facebook page and we will communicate payment details with you privately.

Are there any notable new things to know about the Modern format for the MCQ date?

M20 and Modern Horizons will be legal for Modern play on the date of the MCQ. Also, there will be a banlist update on 8th July, so there might potentially be changes to card legality. The London mulligan will be used during the MCQ, barring any policy changes from Wizards before the date.

What will be the Planeswalker Points multiplier for MCQ?

The MCQ multiplier will be x5.

I have another question, where can I ask you guys?

Do drop us a message on our Facebook page at and we'll help you out :)